Why We Offer 24/7 iPhone Repair In Harlem

It's 9:27 pm, Thursday night and you just left work rushing to the train when it happens suddenly - the headache we all wish to avoid, your iPhone slips out of your hand in slow motion and, mercilessly, falls face first on the pavement. 

You could take it to the Apple store, however you don't have Apple care and would rather not have to sell a kidney and a liver just to get your phone fix. Plus, by this time they just closed.


If you ever find yourself in this predicament, just know that you are in luck. OPN Phone Repair is the first 24/7 repair service in Harlem, offering our premium service for those unpredictable instances.


With our team of on-call technicians, we have tech's at our location 8 west 126th Street, New York, NY 10027 (inside the WeWork building) during regular working hours (10-7pm) and a mobile team that will meet you at our location if you ever have a freak accident and need it fixed asap. Simply book an appointment or call us at 1.800.941.3522.

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